A Poem About Anxiety

The other day I stumbled across a poem that I wrote a few years ago while experiencing an anxiety attack. It was the kind of anxiety attack that came out of nowhere and seemingly for no reason at all. So, I'd decided to channel the energy into writing this poem. It's meant to be performed … Continue reading A Poem About Anxiety

My Dharma Code: A Poetic Interpretation

I shine light that burns bright, gives warmth and invites. I care, so I share, spreading hope with my flair. My desire – to inspire, evoke, and light fire, so all souls may shine as brightly as mine. When I write, when I speak, when I act, when I teach – my intentions are true … Continue reading My Dharma Code: A Poetic Interpretation

My New Blog

Hi Everyone 🙂 So as I may have mentioned before, I've decided to start a new blog... One that's a little more focused. One it you'll find content related to health and wellness, (like this energizing yoga class I shared), Words of Wisdom from yours truly (you know, because I think I know everything), and … Continue reading My New Blog

Rhyming Words Is Therapeutic For Me

Emotional, theatrical, irrational, distractable. When it comes to interacting, I’m also quite retractable. Quizzical, comical, sensational, unusual. But all I want to be is somewhat inspirational.   Doubtful, rueful, sinful, a handful. Depending who you ask, that last part is disputable. Wishful, hopeful, bashful, yet somehow tactful. Even though sometimes my actions are quite laughable. … Continue reading Rhyming Words Is Therapeutic For Me

Is Your Blog Interesting?: Make Your Words Worthwhile

Do you ever wonder if other people think you’re interesting? Of course, as a blogger, it’s your job to be interesting, or else, it would be difficult for other people to take an interest in what you have to say. I think in general, most people find themselves interesting, (and why wouldn’t they? Every person … Continue reading Is Your Blog Interesting?: Make Your Words Worthwhile